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MK Financial Services was founded by Mr. Moinraja Kazi in July 2019. He started MK Financial with a vision to provide goal & need-based financial planning services to cater to the need of individual, professional, and business enterprises. Our founder is qualified as MBA in finance and he is in this industry since 2016.

" We understand the unique challenges that come with managing wealth. We have served as a trusted partner of
individuals and families, providing customized wealth management solutions based on a thorough understanding
 of each clients’ finances, objectives, and values." - Moinraja Kazi


> Cater to the financial need of every individual.
> Spread the awareness of financial planning among people to meet future expenditures.
> Educate people to understand the importance of insurance to protect against uncertain risks and liabilities.
> Proper asset allocation of the wealth accumulated by people.
> Gain the maximum benefits from the bull & bear market in long run.